Re-inforcing broken ebony fretwork

Ebony fretwork replaced

Cutting marquetry pattern

Intermediate stage after fretting out

Completed frames

Ernest Grimson walnut inlay now replaced

Marquetry and Fretwork

Marquetry is the art and craft of covering a structural carcase with pieces of veneer forming decorative patterns, designs or pictures. The technique may be applied to all types of furniture, to decorative small objects with smooth, veneerable surfaces or to free-standing pictorial panels appreciated in their own right. The veneers used are primarily woods, but may include bone, ivory, turtle-shell (conventionally called "tortoiseshell"), mother of pearl, pewter, brass and other fine metals.

At Cotswolds Restoration Services, our team of experts are able to produce, construct or repair any item of furniture containing marquetry no matter what the material, style, shape or construction.

Fretwork is a woodworking technique that involves using a scroll saw or other specialty fretwork tools to cut intricate designs in wood. The designs are often geometrical and used as ornamental trim on clocks, shelves, beds, sideboards, tables and other furniture.