Latest Projects

Regency mahogany drum table circa 1820

We were asked to straighten out the warped top, repair a previous poor repair to sabre leg, patch in missing veneer, manufacture a missing drawer knob in ebony and supply and fit a new hide

Walnut work table

We were asked to straighten out the warped top. This was done by removing the mirror and fiddle back sycamore veneer on the underside of the top, inserting timber and clamping to straighten the top and refitting the veneer and mirror.

Satinwood night commode

This piece was covered in sticky backed white vinyl and dark brown varnish. We had to completely strip off the vinyl and varnish, replace several sections of Hare wood banding and then polish to a natural satinwood colour.

Indian ebony and ivory writing box

This piece was purchased at auction and required repair to the damaged fretwork, restoring loose and missing mouldings and missing ivory to the escutcheons.

Chinoiserie caned chair circa 1800

This chair had suffered broken front joints, which required the frame to be dismantled. The damaged joints were replaced with false tenons, the old glue in all the joints was removed and the whole chair glued back together. The damaged cane was replaced.

Rare childs Yew and Elm hoop back high chair early 19th Century

We were asked to supply and fit the missing elm footrest and yew brackets for this chair. There were 2 sets of holes in the front leg, only the upper one being original. We plugged the lower ones and fitted the footrest to the upper ones. Using antique elm from the same period, we were able to get a very good match to the seat.