What type of insurance work do we do?

Example insurance projects Oak parquet floor Insurance claim for radiator leak, water damage to floor in Hallway. We stripped off the old finish and coated the floor with 2 coats of high build wax oil. Oak chest of drawers Insurance claim for nail varnish remover damage to bottom 2 drawers. We took the 2 drawersContinue reading “What type of insurance work do we do?”

How do I maintain my antique furniture?

Antique Furniture Care The methods of care for historical or valuable antique furniture have changed over the years. Antique furniture should not be cared for or repaired in the same manner as modern home furnishings. The use of polishes, adhesives, fasteners and finishes can dramatically affect the current and future value of such pieces. EnvironmentContinue reading “How do I maintain my antique furniture?”